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Re: [MOL] Butt stories!

Kathy, what a hilarious story.   I did the same thing in a very "to do"
restaurant.  A nice lady stopped me as I may my way through the restaurant.
Here's a good one.  Years ago my oldest son (he is 13 now)and I went down to
Florida to visit my brother.   At the time my son was 1 1/2 years old and in
diapers.  Obviously the Florida water did not agree with him.  We were in
avery nice restaurant when the little bugger just let the boomer loose if you
know what I mean.  All down his legs, etc.....I had to carry him through the
restaurant, past all the people eating dinner.....I'm sure you get the
picture.  I wasn't embarrassed at all.  But my brother, who at the time did
not have any children, was mortified!  I laugh everytime I think about the
faces of those people eating dinner!!!!  
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