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Re: [MOL] RE: Frank we love you......

Title: RE: [MOL] RE: Frank we love you......
Thanks so much Kathy for your loving kind words.Times they are a changing here.Monday I go for those big tests.I,m snowed in,and its too cold to do anything but cruise the net.I think I have cabin fever,I am studying the "U BOOT" website.Its all about the German U-Boats during ww11.Its really interesting to learn about each boat and its crew.Anyway,I think I,ll make it.Thanks for caring.Love Frank
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Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 10:49 AM
Subject: RE: [MOL] RE: Frank we love you......

Dear Frank:  Janie is truly a beautiful girl.  I so enjoyed seeing your picture.  It's cold here, too, but not nearly as cold as it is where you are.  I'm sorry you have to go so far to get your tests.  You don't go all alone, do you?  My prayers are with you that you will be well for Janie's wedding.  Love,  Kathy