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[MOL] To all -- Thank you

I want to thank all of you for your condolences.  I have been on this board
since September (although relatively silent) and have been amazed at your
ability to help one another through this very difficult, trying etc.
journey.  In my draft box, I have a very long e-mail to you all about my
Dad's last week.  I think I had to write it for my benefit, in a way to own
the experience and fully integrate it into my being.  For those of you who
don't know my situation, my Dad was diagnosed in July with adenocarcinoma of
unknown primary.  He went to MD Anderson and tried several chemo regiments
but the tumors outwitted them all.  He struggled valiantly and willfully
throughout his battle with cancer.  My Dad is know in my heart as the strong
and vibrant man feared nothing and did everything.  From scuba diving to
marathon running -- his 61 year life was very full.  He lived with a passion
that few have known and was taken far too quickly before our very eyes.
Again I want to thank all of you for everything, your jokes, suggestions,
(not really the recipes because I don't cook--yet) information, but most of
all for your compassion.  I am very angry at this disease (and actually
everything) but also know that it has changed my life--some for the better,
some the worse.  I am without my father but with the knowledge that he loved
me and was proud of me.  I am without my running partner and friend but with
a new inner strength and courage.  I am profoundly sad but know I must and
will go on--for my son, husband, mom, siblings and for myself.   So now, I
continue on ... the same but different.  I will be leaving you all very soon
as this board is so active and wonderful but I feel the need to continue on
my own for now.  To live my different life--to acclimate myself to my new
role--as my days as my father's researcher and caregiver are at an end.  I
have learned much from you all and feel very fortunate to have been allowed
to glimpse into your lives, minds and hearts.  With much love and gratitude,

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