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RE: [MOL] Another sad phone call of cancer

Title: RE: [MOL] Another sad phone call of cancer

Good morning, PJ, and MOLers:  Jerry hasn't been feeling very well for about a week.  Yesterday, he finally confessed to me that he feels he has a blockage somewhere in his colon.  He has been running a low grade fever and has been in a lot of pain.  On the way home from work yesterday, I insisted he stop at emergency.  The doctor found a large mass in his colon and has referred him to a proctologist this morning.  He is in considerable pain today, in addition to being apprehensive.  We're praying it's just a benign obstruction of some kind -- hence, the temperature and pain.  Please keep your fingers crossed for us.  We really don't need this -- as if ANYONE does!!!  What are the symptoms of colon cancer, if any?  We really don't know.  Thank you, everybody!  Love, Kathy C.