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[MOL] Another sad phone call of cancer

Hi Friends

Today I was so excited to hear from an old friend of mine.  He is such a sweet
man.  When I told him about mom he said his dad is in the final days of the
same colon cancer.  I was so upset.  I felt like crying but thankfully held it
I wanted to drop everything and see him. But I just can't. He lives close by
but I just don't have the time so our phone contacts will have to do. Besides
he travels alot with his business and we couldn't even come up with a month
let alone a day to visit.
I don't know his dad's name but I'm going to pray extra hard for him tonite.
I just hate this disease so much.  I can't take it anymore.  I don't want to
have this in common with this delicious person I would rather have the same
shoe size as him then share cancer in the family.  
Thanks for letting me vent you lovely cutie pies.
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