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[MOL] Re: forgot to give my dessert recipe

Dear PJ,

Using these ingredients is very nutritious and less calories since you
are not using processed sugar. Good recipe, thank you, keep up the great

God Bless

PSerritell@aol.com wrote:
> Hi Again
> Since raspberries have come into my life I thought I would honor them with my
> own version of Raspberries Dessert
> 6 vanilla cupcakes or muffins cut in half
> whipped cream
> raspberries (frozen then thaw)
> honey
> 1. Thaw out the raspberries as direction on package (fresh are really hard to
> find)
> 2. Place cupcakes/muffin in a dessert dish.
> 3. Place a nice hefty spoonful of raspberries on the cupcake or muffin.
> 4. Place a nice hefty spoonful of whipped cream on top.
> 5. Drizzle honey.  You can be fancy and put the raspberry juice surronding the
> bottom of the cupcake/muffin then put some honey drizzled on the bottom then
> take a toothpick and wiggle it over the bottom.  You will notice you became a
> Picasso of desserts.
> Love
> PJ
> 143
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