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Hi John:  I have included some really good sites for you to go to and also some wonderful reading material to help you on this journey.  Hope you enjoy our wonderful forum, your friend, lillian
 Here you will meet a wonderful caring group of individuals who are cancering or who are loved ones and friends being advocates for those cancering.
 Individuals in this group are not in the medical professional field. Therefore,we do not
 endorse a treatment, drug or product. Our people combined do have many year's of
 accumulated knowledge and expierence, who come from all walks in life and are able to
 lend tremendous assistance to help you walk through this journey.
 There are a few matters of importance to address.
 It is the general assumption of the group that one can use alternative treatments (with your
 doctors permission) in conjunction with traditional therapy.
 We feel that an individual who has had testing and is returning to the doctor should take
 someone with them as an extra set of ears.
 It must be remembered that this is a most stressful time for you. We also agree that a
 second or even a third opinion is healthy. One needs to shop for the right doctor for them;
 as each of us are so different not only in personality; but our bodies react differently.
 You should be seeking nothing but the best doctors and hospital, remember this is your life
 and you want to be in control. The best way to be in control is to acquire all the information
 needed for your particular cancer; so that you and your doctor can descide the best
 treatment for you.
 We find stress is our worse enemy, it is so important to remove yourself from stressful
 situations and non positive thinkers.
 There are so many new drugs and treatments our there for most cancers that lend hope to
 Be prepared for you doctors visits with questions. Should the doctor interrupt you while
 you are questioning explain that you have more questions. Make sure the doctor speaks to
 you in lay terms and that he is positive also.
 Too often the doctor will give a gloomy statistical report, thus taking hope away from the
 patient and we find so many people who far out live the guess of any doctor. Last; but
 never least make sure that you eat healthy and that you keep your immune system built up.
 Again, we are here for you, we are a place of compassionate comfort, a place you can rant
 and rave knowing that we too have done that. A place of shelter; whereas all of us know
 what you are going through. Your friends of the MOL CANCER FORUM
 National Cancer Institute
 Univ of Penn
 Cancer Notes on the Net
 Medicine On Line
 MD Anderson
 Mem. Sloan-Kettering
 85% CancerAnswers - Alternative Treatments
 84% Cancer Information -Alternative Treatments
 84% Alternative Remedies for Cancer and other diseases.
 84% Re: Alternative cancer treatments [00299]
 83% 5. Internet Resources on Cancer
See what the doctor says on alternative meds.
"50 Esential Things to Do When the Doctor
Says it is Cancer", Greg Anderson
Dr. Bernie Siegels "Love, Medicine and Miracles"
Dr. Carl Simontons "The Healing Journey"
Anne Frahms "Cancer Battle Plan"
Greg Andersons "50 Essential Things to Do When the Diagnosis is Cancer"
Resources: Support Services: Transportation & Lodging
Air Care Alliance
4620 Haygood Road, Suite 8
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
(800)296-1217 (National Patient Air Transport Helpline)
(757)318-9107 FAX
Web site:
A trade organization providing air transportation to ambulatory and medically stable people.
6133 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822
(916)429-2166 FAX
Web site:
Provides cost-assisted emergency medical transportation.
Corporate Angel Network
Westchester County Airport, 1 Loop Road
White Plains, NY 10604
Web site:
Provides free plane transportation for cancer patients undergoing treatment from recognized cancer treatment centers.
National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses
4915 Auburn Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
Web site:
Provides information on away from home lodging for patients and families.
National Patient Air Transport Helpline
P.O. Box 1940
Manassas, VA 22110
Web site:
Provides referrals for charitable and discounted patient medical air transport services.
Bone Marrow Transplant Newsletter
1985 Spruce Avenue
Highland Park, IL 60035
(847)831-1943 FAX
Web site:
Publishes quarterly newsletter for bone marrow peripheral stem cell transplant patients; provides patient-to-survivor telephone link.
Bone Marrow Transplant Family Support Network
P.O. Box 845
Avon, CT 06001
Provides a telephone support network, family counseling and education, peer groups and insurance information for BMT patients and families.
Living Bank
P.O. Box 6725
Houston, TX 77265
(713)961-0979 FAX
Promotes and facilitates organ and tissue donor commitments.
National Marrow Donor Program
3433 Broadway Street NE, Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(800)MARROW2 (Donor Information)
Web site:
Maintains a registry of bone marrow donors; provides donor recruitment information.
National Bone Marrow Transplant Link (BMT Link)
29209 Northwester Hwy. #624
Southfield, MI 48034
(810)932-8483 FAX
Web site:
Provides information and support to BMT patients and families; promotes public understanding and research for BMT issues.
Organ Transplant Fund
1102 Brookfield, Suite 202
Memphis, TN 38119
(901)684-1128 FAX
Web site:
Provides financial and insurance assistance, patient advocacy and housing information during treatment for transplant recipients and their families.
Transplant Foundation
8002 Discovery Drive, Suite 310
Richmond, VA 23229
(804)288-2408 FAX
Provides financial assistance to offset cost of post-transplant medications; acts as clearinghouse for transplant information.
            HOME HEALTH CARE
 National Association for Home Care
 c/o Consumer Guide
 P.O. Box 14241
 Washington, DC 20003
 (202)547-3540 FAX
 Web site:
 Trade association providing referrals to home or hospice care.
 The Oley Foundation
 214 Hun Memorial, A-23
 Albany Medical Center
 Albany, NY 12208-3478
 Web site:
 Support for home enteral and/or parental nutrition therapy.
 Olsten HealthCare
 175 Broadhollow Road
 Melville, NY 11747
 Web site:
 Provides home health care services including chemotherapy, nutrition and hydration
 therapies, pain management, physical therapy, and general nursing services.
 Visiting Nurse Association of America National Office
 3801 East Florida Avenue, Suite 900
 Denver, CO 80210
 Provides skilled nursing and assisted living services.
 Amherst H. Wilder Foundation
 919 Lafond Avenue
 St. Paul, MN 55104
 (612)642-4068 FAX
 Web site:
 Provides assisted living and nursing home care services for the elderly in the
 Minneapolis area.
 Childrens' Hospice
 2202 Mt. Vernon Ave., Suite 3C
 Alexandria, VA 22301
 (703)684-0226 FAX
 Web site:
 Provides information and referral services,counseling, support groups, education, and
 research aimed at improving hospice care for children.
 Choice in Dying
 1035 30th Street NW
 Washington, DC 20007
 (202)338-0242 FAX
 Web site:
 Advocacy organization for end-of-life rights;provides legal counseling and information on
 end-of-life decisions.
 National Association for Home Care
 c/o Consumer Guide
 P.O. Box 14241
 Washington, DC 20003
 (202)547-3540 FAX
 Web site:
 Trade association that provides referrals to local hospice organizations.
 Hospice Education Institute/Hospicelink
 190 Westbrook Road
 Essex, CT 06426
 (860)767-2746 FAX
 Provides information and referral services,education, advice and assistance regarding
 hospice and palliative care.
 National Hospice Organization
 1901 N. Moore Street, Suite 901
 Arlington, VA 22209
 (703)525-5762 FAX
 Web site:
 Provides information and referrals to local hospitals, patient advocacy and professional
 National Institute for Jewish Hospice
 8723 Alden Drive, Suite 219
 Los Angeles, CA 90048
 Provides free telephone counseling and referrals; trains professionals in the art of helping the
 Jewish terminally ill.
 Americans with Disabilities Act
 U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
 Office of Legal Council
 1801 L Street NW
 Washington, DC 20507
 Provides information and legal assistance regarding discrimination due to illness or disability
 Family Medical leave Act
 U.S. Department of Labor
 Wage & Hour Division
 200 Constitution Avenue NW
 Washington, DC 20210
 Provides information on employment rights during medical leave due to illness
 Support Services: INSURANCE & FINANCE
 American Association of Health Plans
 Membership Department
 129 20th Street NW, Suite 600
 Washington, DC 20036
 Web site:
 Insurance industry trade association that will provide information on insurance and health care
 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
 675 North St. Claire Street
 Chicago, IL 60601
 Department of Health and Human Services
 Inspector General Hotline
 Office of the Inspector General
 P.O. Box 23489
 Washington, DC 20026
 U.S. government hotline for complaints regarding Medicare or Medicaid; provides assistance with
 issues of entitlements, benefits, insurance, and community resources.
 Disabled American Veterans
 807 Main Avenue SW
 Washington, DC 20024
 (202)554-3581 FAX
 Web site:
 Provides assistance with health benefits for U.S. veterans.
 Hill-Burton Free Hospital Care
 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 7-47
 Rockville, MD 20857
 (800)683-0742 Hotline
 (301)594-5999 FAX
 Web site:
 U.S. government program that can arrange for cost-assisted care for disadvantaged individuals at
 certain medical facilities or hospitals.
 National Insurance Consumer Hotline
 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20004
 Provides assistance in finding insurance coverage, information on insurance issues and a consumer
 complaint service.

     Support Services: HAIR LOSS
 Look Good, Feel Better
 The American Cancer Society
 Teaches women who have undergone cancer treatment how to improve appearance through
 cosmetics, wigs, scarfs, etc.
 212 West Van Buren Street, 4th Floor
 Chicago, IL 60607
 (312)294-8598 FAX
 Web site:
 Provides donated wigs free of charge.
 This MOL FORUM is intended to assist people with cancer, their family, friends and caregivers find the information to help them make decisions regarding treatment and management of their disease. Nothing presented herein should be construed as a substitute for professional advice from a physician or medical practitioner. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, but the Mol Forum makes no warranty , nor endorses any recommendation, practice or product of any organization or service contained herein.


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