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Dear Claudine:  Like Mam said -- sit back and hold on.  You're in for a ride here!  I, too, am a lung cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed on December 9, 1997, with small cell lung cancer -- right lung.  The doctor gave me a 30% chance of surviving for more than five years.  I was a smoker, too.  I dropped those puppies in the trash that day, and to this day, I haven't touched another one.  I went through very aggressive chemotherapy and radiation, and was a very sick kid for seven months.  However, at the end of March, 1998, the tumor was undetectable by an MRI or CT scan.  The doctor now says I have an 80% chance of surviving -- period!!  If I can go for two years without a recurrence, she will consider me completely cured.  She was just as thrilled and surprised as I was.  At the beginning, I didn't think there was any hope, and although I tried to be a big girl, too, I was so numb with fear that I couldn't do much of anything.  This got better, though, and like Carla, I began to let my feelings out and learned to appreciate the days I did have.  I still do that -- every day.  Stay with us.  There is hope here -- and honesty.  Your friend, Kathy in Boise