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[MOL] Remember the Little Girl Tara

Hi Friends

If I may, I would like to request prayers for Tara's parents. 
Tara is my cousin-in-law's niece.  She was the 5 year old girl who died last
September from a heart problem.  

My cousin just called and asked me to say a prayer for Tara's parents.  Tony
(Tara's dad) had a vasectomy 1 year ago and two weeks ago he had it reversed.
They are hoping to get pregnant.  They have a little boy who also has had
numerous surgeries for his cleft mouth.  He is only turning 3.  He is having
more surgery soon.

This young family has had it's shares of tears.
Their names are Tony & Jeanette.  Thank you so very much.  
I thank you for letting me use the forum for this request

I love you all
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