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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hi All,

Have you ever heard someone talking, but you actually weren't
listening?  Or have you perhaps been the one talking, and the person you
were talking to wasn't listening to you?  You see, we can hear, yet not
listen.  Here are my "thoughts for today."

	You can win more friends with your ears than with your mouth.

	Take a tip from nature---your ears aren't made to shut, but
	your mouth is!

Being a good conversationalist does not mean that you have eloquent
speach, or that you know all the right words to say.  It means that you
know when to talk, *and* when to listen.  When you don't really listen
to what someone is saying to you, you give a non-verbal message that
what they are saying is not important enough for you to listen to.  It
is amazing how that can put yet another dent in a person's already
bruised self-esteem.  When you do listen and pay attention to what they
are saying, you let them know that you care about them (even if you
really are not interested in the topic they are talking about).  Make
sure you give the other person the same courtesy that you would want
them to extend to you.  Be a good listener!

God Bless,
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