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[MOL] Angelo

Dear Mary,

I just went out tonight to my, fairly new church.  I joined, what they call
the secular order of St. Francis.  They were asking everybody for a list of
their intentions; so I just blurted out could you add Angelo Fufaro.  Of
course, they did.

I have been starting to cry tonight, since I turned on the computer and
have been reading all the messages.  You know that we all love you Mary,
and I am crying now even though I never met you.

If there's two things I've learned from life Mary, it's how hard it is to
watch someone you love move from this world to the next, if that is going
to happen for Angelo.  The other thing is that when my times comes, I want
to be as comfortable as I can be.  That all translates Mary, like people
have been writing, please call Hospice ASAP.  

The strain of what you're watching is almost too much to watch without
breaking apart.  And you can't break apart Mary.  He wouldn't want you to,
and neither would your kids.  Also, they can make sure that he's not in a
terrible amount of pain and probably make you feel better too, just by
talking.  So they can serve two purposes at the same time.

May God bless you, my sweet, dear friend,


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