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[MOL] forgot to give my dessert recipe

Hi Again

Since raspberries have come into my life I thought I would honor them with my
own version of Raspberries Dessert

6 vanilla cupcakes or muffins cut in half
whipped cream
raspberries (frozen then thaw)

1. Thaw out the raspberries as direction on package (fresh are really hard to
2. Place cupcakes/muffin in a dessert dish.  
3. Place a nice hefty spoonful of raspberries on the cupcake or muffin. 
4. Place a nice hefty spoonful of whipped cream on top.  
5. Drizzle honey.  You can be fancy and put the raspberry juice surronding the
bottom of the cupcake/muffin then put some honey drizzled on the bottom then
take a toothpick and wiggle it over the bottom.  You will notice you became a
Picasso of desserts.

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