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[MOL] Sandi

Oh Sandi... I am so glad that you were able to give such good advice and it sounds like something that is also what you need to hear yourself...  I know you are hurting about Cricket.
I just want to share a miracle with you..  I have a half sister who was being kept alive only by ventilator..  The doctors said that she would never be able to do anything if she did come out of the coma.  The family was given the choice to keep her on life support or remove it.  After much pain and tears, the decision was made that life is in God's hands and to remove the life support.  The family flew in from all over the nation, except me.. who was on the cancering recovery list..  The life support was removed and all gathered around to await the end.. 24 hours was the time frame given.
That was over a year ago.  She is in a program in Asheville N.C. right now, which almost has her ready to live on her own again, with a sponsor.  When I saw her last May, she was just starting to talk and very hard to understand.. Now she is speaking wonderfully... 
So, what is my point to you?  I can't tell you that Cricket will get a miracle, but I can tell you that when you give up and let God, you never know what will happen.  I hurt for your heart my friend... Keep believing and praying for a miracle... God Bless you and much love.... Carla