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I have been diagnosed with diffused Bronchioalvelar Carcinoma in April of 98.
After surgery, my prognosis was less than cheerful. I have been given from
less than a year to two and a half years depending on who is talking. I am 64
years old, in remarkable shape, female, 5.7, 118 LB, mad tennis player,
exsmoker(..Ha..ha. We do get the message when the chips are down, 1 1/2 pack a
day for 48 years and not one cigarette since D.day.) My question: Is there any
hope for me. If not, don't be shy, I am a big girl. I would appreciate a
prognosis that would not be based on any bias. An honest answer would help me
plan the rest of my life in a constructive way.
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