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Re: [MOL]Dear Sandi.

I certainly understand a lot of your feelings.  I have been to where I tried
to think of the best way to do away with myself.  I got so depressed that I
was not happy with life and it was when I should have been the happiest.
Thank God I have such a strong beleif and that was stronger than my feeling of

Being a minister to the terminal cancer patients must be a constant reminder
and keeps that reality so alive of what you could be headed for.  I know I
have had that same battle watching cricket go through her reoccurance. I get
so scared that it could be me as well.  But that is where you have to let your
faith get very deep in your heart and give you the strength to be positive.
Especially when you are dealing with the dying.  They still need to see the
positive in your eyes.  Even when they know there is no hope at all,  they
still look for strength.

My brother was in Viet Nam also.  He was a medic copter pilot.  He has pretty
bad memories of it too.  He also had lots of bad visions from Korea.  On this
issue I can not give advice.  Thank God I never had to witness any of this.
Had to be an unforgettable torture.  I do get so angry when our vets are not
respected or treated any better than our fellow Americans treat them.  After
all you guys are the ones that endured all this torment to allow us to be free
like we are now.  I cry every time I stand to the national anthem!

My brazillian exchange student would get emotional every time also.  She said
it was so neat how Americans would honor their flag and song at functions.
She siad theirs was so unrespected.   My favorite treasure of her is we sang
Silent Night together the last year she was with me.  I sang the verses in
English and she did in portugese.  It really sounded neat.  The chucrh loved

Just hang in there.  We are all behind you here.  Take one day at a time and
get some medication to help you.  I fought going on anything for a long time
for my own selfish pride.  I was very wrong.  I feel like a new person

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