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[MOL] Mary, re: Angelo

I can't pretend to know how much or how long you and Angelo have fought this
battle.  But if it's worth anything, I'd like to share with you about my
friend, Sandy.

Sandy has 3 kinds of cancer in 4 places.  She has been on chemo and radiation
for more than a year now.  About Thanksgiving she took a very bad turn for the
worst.  The family was called in from all over and the priest came to the
house.  My father and stepmother went there thinking they would say their last
good-byes.  We all prayed and waited through the night knowing the inevitable
phone call would come in the morning.  Two weeks later Sandy went to her
anniversary party and had a wonderful time!  She still has good days and bad
ones, but I now know that even when the clouds are darkest, only God really
knows when and if the storm will hit or pass.

Chris R.
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