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Re: [MOL] Sandi


Sounds like we need to plan a get together there.  I do not know how many
molers are close enough.  Just think of the pictures we could share on line.

I just got off the phone with my aunt.  Cricket has had dysinteria the past
two days and can not even get out of bed.  She for the first time said she is
tired.  She begged me to come back.  So I am trying as I type this to make a
new schedule and get out of here to go.

I have been please with the Celexa.  It is very new and I had to get approval
from my insurance for them to cover it.   Had to go to doctor today for my bad
headaches.  Had x-rays and all .  They have found that I have degenerative
neck deteriation.  I am going to have to start physical therapy and traction.
Will find out more in 2 weeks.  But least they gave me a perscription for pain
pills when I go through the therapy.  Said it would be painful.

Talk to you later. 

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