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[MOL] Aaron Raspberries from PJ

Hi Aaron

My name is PJ 

History....my mom was diag. Sept 97 with Stage iv colon cancer.

Current...last week my husband & his parents were watching news at approx.
2a.m.   A story appeared that Raspberries had shown properties that inhibit
the growth of cancer.  They sited as one example a woman having colon cancer
and had been operated on who had taken 1 cup of raspberries per day.  At a
later date, the surgeon who treated this patient was amazed that her colon
did'nt show any signs of ever having cancer.  

Since hearing this news, mom has been eating 1 cup of raspberries per day.  On
tuesday her weekly blood report came back and all her properties came back in
the normal range.  This report didn't show the CEA count but everything else
was perfect.

Also it should be noted that since being diagnosed with colon cancer mom has
had constipation problems.  She takes alot of medication to make her pass
stool.  But since eating the raspberries she has gone everyday.

I have sinced looked on the internet to search for this news report on
raspberries and have had no luck.

I hope this answered your question.

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