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[MOL] Good Afternoon....back home....gladly

Hello To All Our Friends, MOlers:

Barb and I were away one week, then took another week to catch up on

personal and business matters before I was able to log back on here. I

have not read any messages as yet, but do know there are many many

concerns. I just hope that in my little way can be of some support.

We had an enjoyable time in Florida, but was very rushed and had to pack

in all the sites in a few short days. Both our going and returning

flights were cancelled and rescheduled as they were connecting flights

thru  Chicago. Shortened our trip as we spent many hours in airports

waiting for connections. But we had a great time in the time we had.

We are glad  to be back. To bring you up to date with Barb, she had

c-scans and blood work which included a tumor marker (ca-125) last week.

WE will get the results on Fri. Pls say your prayers for her. I would 

appreciate as I know she would.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning when I will be having Lasix eye

surgery and looking forward to when I won't have to wear glasses after

all these years, Yippee.

This coming year I am hoping that I may be of some support in providing

you with daily information both of complementary (alternative) and

conventional matters that may benefit you. I hope as well to provide you

with a joke here and there, and the daily "chicken soup" which I hear

that Carla has so brilliantly provided in my absence. I hope that I may

be able to interract on a personal basis with some of you and provide

some information and suggestions that may be of HOPE and encouragement.

I have been part of this forum going on my third year and I am as

blessed to be a part of this as I have been in making great friends

along the way. I wish you all a healthy New Year, a happy and quality

life and a daily wellness program that provides you and your family a

lifestyle of good health. 

Take care and thank you for listening to me.  Will be looking forward

to  the next post.

God Bless

marty auslander
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