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Re: [MOL] Angelo

Dear Mary,
You know all the MOL's have been keeping you, Angelo & your children, in our
prayers.  Know that I am here, anytime if I can be of help.  Be sure you ask
th Hospice nurse for the book, with the information on nearing death.  I got
it and sat my sisters and my children down at my dining room table and read it
to them,  we all were glad that we did this, it really makes it easier to deal
with and Hospice is just great.  Take time for yourself, he could still hang
on for a long time, Hospice will even stay in his room overnight and call you
if needed, just lissen to them.  If we ever get to head south, I would still
love to stop and meet you, may not be til next year.  If you would like to
call me, (616) 744-8362.  Is there any of the Mol's that you would like to see
a picture of?  You take care and God Bless.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] Angelo
 Date:	1/20/99 4:42:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Mary Furfaro)
 Dear Molers,
 Angelo has not gone to treatments for three days now actucally five
 counting the weekend.  He is very dispondant and depressed.  His
 Onc. finally returned my calls and suggested sending out a hospice
 nurse.  She will be here in a little while.  The dr. said that it
 would just be harder on Angelo to try and force him to go to treatments
 when his disease is so advanced that the treatments would probably
 not do anything except extend his life for a few more weeks.  
 Angelo is very tired of fighting and I can't do it for him.  I will
 try to be strong and make him as comfortable and pain free as
 possible. This is so very very hard to endure.  Please pray for
 me to have the strength and for Angelo to not suffer.
 I love you all,
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