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[MOL] Lil

Hey friend!
I am so bloody tired (on nights all this month), but I thought I would just
pop my head in to say g'day before you send the tracker dogs after me! lol
I saw dad, and he looks very thin, he had three more cancers cut out of his
skin, two were BCCs and one a melanoma. He also needs to have a gastroscopy,
but has put that off till he gets time off work in March (that's my dad!).
All things considered, he is not doing too badly, I am very glad I saw him.
He tells me he plans to come and spend a few days with us when he has his
holidays, so that will be nice. Mum is still getting those headaches, I am
sure it is due to the arthritis in her neck. She had a ct scan which showed
only pretty bad scar tissue from the stroke. It reminded me how lucky she is
to be alive, and doing as well as she is. The kids all go back to school
week after next, so we will be even busier getting organised for the new
year. Anyway lovey, I really need to go to bed, have to be up in a couple of
hours. :) Love to you, and all molers.

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