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[MOL] Raspberries Again

Hi Friends

Remember a while back I posted an email regarding a news story about a woman
who was considered having terminal colon cancer.  Her doctor said to eat 1 cup
of raspberries a day.  As time went by, the woman felt good and had to have
her cat scan and other tests performed.  Well she received the great news that
her cancer had totally disappeared.  Her oncologist and surgeon had said that
if they hadn't been her doctors to witness this they would not have believed
it.  The surgeon was not successful in taking out the mass and he was
astonished to see nothing on the scan.

Well the point I'm getting to is, mom has been eating 1 cup of raspberries for
a little of a week now.  She called me 3x today.  Her blood work up was taking
yesterday & the doctor called her in to read the results.  All her readings
came back in the normal range for a change.  The cancer CEA isn't in the
weekly test so we won't know that for 3 more weeks)
This is such unbelieveable news. She also proceeded to tell my husband she is
no longer constipated.  She passes her stool the same time each day and it's
no strain for her anylonger.  Her appetite is back.  She feels great.  She
even gained weight.  Her ability to move around like a tiger is also great.
She never gets tired during the day and she calls me now more than I call her.

We are so excited about this and also so grateful.  
I truly believe that when my husband and in-laws saw this news story at 2:00
in the morning a few weeks ago it was surely meant for them to see it.

I am also thankful to God and St. Peregrine.  I hope and pray this news only
gets better and better. I'm also passing this onto you and hope that it helps
you in the way it is helping mom.


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