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Interesting study of this:

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 2.  The "sin of the origins"			
	It is believed by some people that Adam and Eve's sin lies in their physical

There  is  no  way  that  Adam  and  Eve's  sin  could  possibly  be  in
physical union, simply because God did bless their union, since He ordered
them  to  be  united.  This  is  evident  in Gen 1:28.  "And God blessed them,
saying to them, 'Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and conquer it!"

	Is it logical on the part of God to have blessed them, ordered them to
unite and be married, and then accuse them of having sinned against Him?

	No! Their union ("marriage") was legal and blessed.

	In Gen 4:1 Adam and Eve's sin was in a desire of sexual relation,
becauuse the shame and disorders connected with sins of the flesh are rather a
result of original sin, as is shown in Gen 3:7: "Then the eyes of both of them
were opened and they relized that they were naked", and in Gen 3:11:"
(god said): Who told you that you were naked? Have you been eating of 
the tree I forbade you to eat?"

	Hence what was really Adam and Eve's sin?
	If we go back to the text of Genesis, we realize that the "centre of
gravity" in the first temptation and sin lies in pride, to the extent of the
deification of man.  We read that Satan said to the first parents (Gen 3:5):
"No, you will not die; God knows in fact that on the day you eat it, your
eyes will be opened and you will be like Gods, knowing good and evil."        

	In this very enticement or temptation lies the essence of that sin.  It is
the sin of pride and man's attempt to usurp God's capacity in deciding what
ought  to  be  done  and  what  ought  not. Man had also wanted to acquire
absolute  freedom of behavior, freedom of thought and action, in a manner
that would be divine thus breaking away from God, and trying to be equal to
Him.  The french thinker Pascal wrote: "L'homme n'est ni ange ni bete ...
Qui fait l' ange, fait la bete"!
	"Man is either an angel not an animal, nevertheless he who plays angel,
becomes an animal instead"!

							3.  The existence of original sin

	What we call "original sin" or "sin of the origins", though it is difficult
to explain theoretically, is quite evident when we look at the evil and the
defects in ourselves and the rest of people.  This "sin" shows itself through
inclinations to evil, selfishness and aggressiveness.  In the Bible, we
that it is affirmed:

A.	By allusion, in the Old Testament: Job 14:4: "Who can bring the clean
out  of  inclean?  No  man  alive!"   Another  translation:  "Can  a  man  be
found who is clean of defilement? There is none!"
	Psalm 51  (50):7:  "You  know  I  was  born guilty,  a  sinner  from  the
moment of conception".

 B.	Clearly in the NewTestament: Rm 5:12:  "Well, then, sin entered the
world through one man (Adam) and through sin death.  And thus, death has
spread through the whole human race because everyone has sinned.  Sin
existed  in  the  world  long  before  the  Law  was given ..."  (See  also
following verses.)

	Also in Romans 7:14 f.: "I (Paul is here talking on behalf of all human
beings) cannot understand my own behavior.  I fail to carry out things I want
to  do and  I  find  myself  doing  the very things I hate ...  And so the
behaving in that way is not myself but sin living in me.  The fact is I know
nothing good living in me ..."
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