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Hi Frank,
You are on the side with the Cancer and your wife is a 24 hour caregiver just
like me, for her sake you have to get your thoughts going another direction,
how do you think you are making her feel?  Feeling sorry for youself never
helps anyone around, you are makinf yourself suffer along with your family.
My Mother is on Zoloft too, 50mg in the morning, that's when the Doctor wanted
her to take hers and it has made a big difference, she had been on 50mg twice,
then 100mg. in the Am, now only 50mg. in the AM.  We had tried her on prosoc,
that did nothing but make her sleep, I told the Doctor I didn't want her to be
a zombie, I just wanted her to be happy.  may have to try something different,
or maybe a nerve pill along with the Zoloft might work better.  I know one
thing for sure what you are doing now is not working.  Call your Docter and
tell him you need better help with this depression your suffering from.  If I
was your wife, I'd hate to come home right now to see the man I love dirty,
stinky and looking like a hairy mess, and on top of that dealing with your tow
daughters, don't you think she needs your support on them too.  You must know
even though you are sick, you family needs you now more then ever.  Now let me
give you some big ((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))) for
being so tough on you.  Oh!  How I hope you take a bath before my hugs get to
you, I'd give you kisses too, but I don't like scruffy faces on men, LOL.
Please go and get a grip on what God gave you Life, and a family, and the MOL
group, we love you too.  Read the small print below.
(Go pray, ask God to help you, then take a bath, shave, eat a good meal, hug
your wife to night, and wisper in her ear, that you love her, and have you
hugged your Dog Hope today?  Go do it again.)  God Bless, and remember God
helps those that help themselves.  You don't need the pity pot, you have a lot
to live and fight for.
Love you Muchhhhhhhhhh,

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 Dear Frank:  Of course, you're depressed and it's completely understandable.
 I take antidepressants, too, and even with them, I've had periods where I
 had trouble functioning -- just wanted to sit and stare at the tube and not
 think.  Have something good to eat, soak in the tub, shave, and for heaven's
 sake, if you aren't already on antidepressants, get on them!  I couldn't
 have functioned without them.  Love, Kathy >>
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