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[MOL] Sandi

Hi Sandi

It was so great chatting with you last nite.  My heart and soul are praying
for you and your ENTIRE family.

I have to let you know that my son Little Robert heard me mention to my
husband the discussion we had last nite, well Robert went in his room and
brought out toys and said "Please Momma give these to Devin he will love them
like I did when I was a baby".  

I also have so many brand new clothes that Robert has never ever worn and in
the back of my mind I have always said keep them someone will love to have
I would love to send them to you.  If you would like them.

Sandi I have nothing but love in my heart for you and what you are going
through. Like I wrote last nite you are an Angel.  God loves you and he is
loving all that you are doing for Cricket, Noah, Devin and your children.  You
are so wonderful.  I hope one day that I can be so loving as you.  Your heart
is in your writing. 

I hope the entire Moler group prays along with me and hopes little Devin
thrives to better health and the same for Cricket.

ALways know we are here.  I'm praying for you sweetheart.  From the very
bottom of heart I'm praying for you.
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