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[MOL] IBM Voice Recognition for your PC from $69

You talk it types!
Finally you can talk to your computer instead of typing. In addition to
making the task of word processing much easier, ViaVoice 98 can help to
control your desktop environment and applications by the command of your
voice. you can get the job done faster, be more effective and simplify
your work! You choose IBM ViaVoice home or office edition to fit your 
needs and we bundle the VoiceMate hardware kit - a $70 value FREE!

Just think about -- Talk to your PC and let it do the TYPING
Home version ONLY $69! - Office version ONLY $99  
That's right, let your computer do the typing. It's fun and easy. The
ViaVoice w/VoiceMate system includes: 
- 104 Key Keyboard
- 3-Button Mouse
- Specially designed noise-canceling Headset and Microphone
- Award-winning IBM ViaVoice 98
- For Windows 95/98/NT 4.0

Just Click on the link below for more information via the ClubMail website:

IBM ViaVoice 98 w/VoiceMate Future Keyboard
Integrates Voice, Typing, and Pointing devices. VoiceMate is the ultimate
control center for your Computer. Designed to integrate all of today's latest
input devices such as Headset, Mouse, Touch-pad and Tablet right on your desktop.
This package includes 104 Key keyboard, 3-Button Mouse and a Noise-Canceling
Headset to enhance the use of voice applications such as Speech Recognition
Internet Phone, NetMeeting and VoiceE-Mail.

Click on the URL below to order your copy of IBm ViaVoice w/VoiceMate system:

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