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[MOL] Angelo

Hi everyone,

Angelo is not doing very well.  He  didn't go to treatment today.
I asked him if he was afraid he would get sick or if he felt like
the treatments weren't doing any good and he said a little of both.
He has really gone inside himself the last few days.  I can't get
him to open up to me.  He just stares off into space like he is looking
right past me.  When I ask him a questin it takes him forever to 
answer me and when he does he just sounds so week and emotional.
His emotions are stuck in his throat.

He is still having the double vision and blurred vision.  He vomited
a couple of times yesterday because he went for a little ride in the
car.  We now have a visiting nurse coming out once a week and she
told me that this is like a gradual step into hospice since Angelo
is still receiving treatments.  I had her look over all of Angelo's
meds and see if he needs to be taking so many pills.  She eliminated
a couple of them but he is still taking a lot. 

I wanted to thank all of you who replied to my request about Mexico.
I received a video tape and some literature on the place.  It is 
called Oasis of Hope in Tiawana.   The family has kind of stopped
bugging me about this for now.  I'm doing good to get him to treatments
let alone Mexico and I think they are starting to realize this.

I really value all of your opinions and thoughts and I thank  you
all from the bottom of my heart.  I will try to keep you updated
on Angelo as  often as I can. 

Love to you all,
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