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Re: [MOL] Sandi

I did not make it this past week-end.  We had to take the baby to emergency
room with a heart rate of 190 and difficulty breathing.  They changed his meds
and put him back on steroids.  He is a little better.  I had my hands full
with him all week-end. 

Talked to the hospice nurse last night that is coming in and taking care of
Cricket.  Said she is going down hill very fast.  She has lost a lot more
weight and will not eat nothing now.  They can not get her to even drink broth
without it making her so deathly sick.  So she chooses not to eat at all.
They have her on 10cc morphine every 2 hours and Oxycotin? and one other med I
am not sure of. 

They completly stopped the radiation because they said there was no hope for
it to help her.  I am just so worried about my Aunt now.  I am so scared to
let go of her but I do not want her to have to stay like this either.  I want
her to be at peace.  She deserves some peace in her life. 

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