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[MOL] Chris

I agree that it is a very hard situation for you.. because it is toxic..  I know what it is like to struggle between following the respectful child way and trying to just get through it, because they are your parents..  But, then in November I just couldn't do it anymore and I let it out..  So did they.. But I then called after a few days and said that I loved them unconditionally.  I also told them that I didn't like what they said or did and I was not going to be in that spot, so it was up to them as to what our relationship would/wouldn't be...  they agreed and we have gone with the love.. knowing that there are things that we don't like...  Funny, but it seems to have made the relationship easier..
Look inside your heart my friend.. Not just to what we have been raised to be:  good little girl/daughters... but look closely at what you need to be an honorable woman for your own sake.. God Bless you and many hugs, Carla