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[MOL] Guaranteed 4% Response for Your Product/Service

At the Click of a Button, I Can Send Your Sales Letter
out to "Millions of Potential Customers" and you'll get a
guaranteed 4% return when you advertise with NEW 
Campaign #6!

Here's the Fastest 
Proven Way to 
Increase Your  
Sales and Profits 

Within the Next 24 hours!

Dear Business Owner,     

Are you ready to learn how you can create an immediate 
"cash-explosion" with your business?

Would you like to know how you can avoid the high cost 
and long wait of traditional marketing methods direct 
mail, postcards, newspaper and magazine ads... etc)?

Are you interested in blasting your sales letter out to 
thousands of eager prospects - all within the next 48 hours?

If so, I have some very, very exciting news for you!

Hi, my name is Sandy Kase. I'm a successful Entrepreneur 
and Direct Marketing Expert. What I'm about to reveal 
to you can literally skyrocket your sales and profits 
like you never thought possible - and extremely fast.

What I'm talking about is my "Same-Day E-Mail 
Blasting Service".

Simply put, I have the ability to send your sales letter 
out to millions of potential customers at the click of a 
button - and all within a 24 hour period. This means you 
can literally explode your sales and profits by tomorrow.

Now look, I'm not talking about sending your offer out to 
just anyone. I'm talking about blasting your offer out
to the freshest and most responsive leads in the industry. 
My staff extracts and buys leads from various secret 
sources on a daily basis. We clean, manage and update our 
database continually.

You Can Rest Assured That When You Order My Service, 
Your Ad Will Go Out to the Freshest and Most Responsive 
Leads on the Internet - Period.

Not only is this the fastest way to get the word out 
about whatever it is you have to offer, but its also 
the most cost effective form of advertising. Take a 
look at these real life examples and judge for yourself. 

Let's compare the costs associated with the most commonly 
used direct advertising methods. They are 1. Direct Mail, 
2. Fax Broadcasting, 3. E-Mail Blasting.

1000 Piece Direct Mail Campaign:

The last 1000 piece direct mailing I did cost me $640. 
The costs were as follows...
              - Postage:                        $320
              - Mailing List:                      $80
              - Envelopes:                      $40
              - Printing:                         $100
              - Envelope Stuffing:         $100
              - Total Costs:                   $640      

Aside from the hefty costs, I had to wait 3 days for the printing, another 3 days to have the envelopes
stuffed, and over 1 week to get my first response, 
which resulted in a 2 week turn around time.

1000 Piece Fax Broadcasting Campaign:

I've put the average cost of what other companies 
charge for this service.
- Total Cost:        $195

The total turn around time is the same as e-mail but 
the costs are more than 7 times that of my same day 

100,000 Piece E-mail Campaign:

Remember, I have the ability to send your advertisement 
out to not just thousands, but millions of eager 
prospects - all within a 24 hour period.

BONUS: Trial Mailing to see if your idea will fly 
is $99.00/Per 100,000 recipients.

The total turn-around time is just 24 hours. 
Which means you can literally have prospects 
responding to whatever it is you have to offer 
by tomorrow!

Bottom line: No matter which method you choose...

There is no Cheaper or Faster Way to Advertise 
Your Product, Service or MLM Opportunity!

Let's face it. Marketing and advertising is the 
lifeblood of your business. It'll make you or break you. 

And unfortunately, it's usually the most costly 
expense of any business. But not anymore!

So if you're truly serious about exploding your 
income like you never imagined possible, you owe 
it to yourself to cash in with my "Same-Day E-mail 
Blasting Service".

It's real easy to do. Simply fill out the order 
form at the end of this letter and mail it in.  
Call our office first if you wish to discuss 
your email blast campaign prior to mailing your 
check. Remember, the sooner you get the order in... 
the faster I'll be able to fill it (most orders are 
filled immediately upon receipt).

You see, it's in my best interest to help you 
get the best results possible. 

Because if you win... you'll obviously continue 
to use my service... which means I win. That's 
what I call a perfect win, win situation! So give 
my service a shot, you'll be glad you did.

I'm really looking forward to helping you explode 
your sales and profits like you never dreamed possible. 

Thanks for your time, hope to talk with you soon.

Your E-mail Marketing Friends,
Bluegrass Promotions
Sandy Kase

Office Hours USA 10am-7pm EST 

I'll be more than happy to answer all of your 
questions and or concerns. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Same Day E-mail Blasting Service" Order Form


1) Call our office 219-833-9636 to discuss your 
   advertising campaign with an email promotion 
   specialist. Novice and long-time entrepreneurs 
   welcome.  Business Hours are 10am-7pm EST

2) Prepare your Email Ad Copy.
   Email it to your assigned promotion specialist.
   If important revisions need to be made to your 
   letter, our professional advertising staff will 
   discuss the changes with you and revise your letter 
   free of charge prior to your mailing. 

3) Choose the SUBJECT you want to use when we mail
   your advertisement:  


4) Choose the advertising campaign you wish to use.
   Campaigns are outlined below.  Please check one.

____ TRIAL CAMPAIGN #1:  Please test my ad for me by 
sending it to 100,000 Fresh and Eager General Prospects 
for only $99.00 (normally $150.00)

____ CAMPAIGN #2  Send My Offer to 250,000 Fresh and 
Eager General Prospects for Only $200 
(normally  $250.00)

____ CAMPAIGN #3 Send My Offer to 500,000 Fresh and 
Eager General Prospects for Only $379.00 
(normally $500)

____ CAMPAIGN #4  Send My Offer to 1.0 Million Fresh 
and Eager General Prospects for Only $699 
(normally  $800.00)

____ CAMPAIGN #5 Send My Offer to Targeted Addresses
     Call to discuss targeted and opt-in list prices and fill in
     List Type ___________________________________
     # of Addresses _________  Price ________________
     (As quoted per phone call with ___________________
      on the date of ___/___/___.
____ CAMPAIGN #6  Send My Offer to 4 Million Fresh 
and Eager Prospects for $999.00 (normally $3000).  
THE HOLY COW PACKAGE!  This premium package is 
convenient for serious entrepreneurs who want to 
be absolutely swamped with immediate responses! 
A 4% GUARANTEED RESPONSE RATE!  If you do not receive
a 4% response rate using the method proposed by the 
HOLY COW PROMOTION, we'll re-do the entire mailing for 
you!  The HOLY COW PACKAGE includes a FREE autoresponder
to IMMEDIATELY pitch your eager prospects! PLUS receive
another FREE BONUS! Several times a day or week we'll 
send you the email addresses of all the people who 
requested more info from your autoresponder, providing
you with TARGETED leads! Brilliantly designed, this 
package creates a target audience for you to send repeat 
sales letters to until the prospect BUYS or asks you to 
remove them from your list! 
Simply write a 2-8 line teaser ad and put 
at the end of your letter! 
YOUR AUTORESPONDER letter can then be as lengthy as you 
Desire. You can include your order form, your phone number, 
your address etc. and then wait for your $$$$MONEY TO ROLL 
IN!! (The HOLY COW promotional campaign is available if 
you have a $30-$50 product or service that can be mailed 
to a general list and is most cost effective with products 
or services that are non-offensive. 



Optional Bulk Friendly Autoresponders are available 
for $75 per month.  If someone requests more information 
within the body of your letter, you will be able to 
include a link that will automatically send the prospect 
more information INSTANTLY!  You will then be supplied 
with an email list of all prospects who had requested 
information from your autoresponder.
This is a brilliant way to collect addresses of prospects 
who are definately interested in your product/service.
______ Yes, Set up an Optional Autoresponder for me. I've enclosed 
an additional $75 (Free Autoresponder with Campaign #6) 
for complete set up and one month's usage.  
I will email a copy of the letter that I wish to use for my autoresponder. 
Please use this prefix for my autoresponder 
address: _______________________

Optional POP 3 Email Address.  If you want to have people respond 
back to you via email within your advertisement and 
you do not have a bulk friendly mail account, we will 
supply you with a POP 3 account for $75 per month 
normally $100).  You will receive your own password for 
your POP 3 account and will be able to receive and respond 
to customers without losing your present email account.  

______  Yes, Set a POP Account up for me.  I've 
enclosed an additional $75.00 for complete set up 
and one month of usage. Please use this prefix for my
bulk friendly POP 3 mail account: ____________________

DISCOUNT:  Purchase a POP 3 account and an Autoresponder
And receive $75 off the regular price of $200.
Total Cost $125/per month

_____YES, Set up an Autoresponder and a POP 3 Account 
for me.  $125/per month. 

Enter Prefix for POP 3 Here __________________

Enter Prefix for Autoresponder Here_________________

FREE:  We will include the link for removal in your 
letter at no additional charge

5)  Please Print Clearly

Full Name: _________________________________________

Street Address:_____________________________________


Phone:  ______________________________________

Best Time to Reach You _______________________

E-mail Address :______________________________

Your Product or Service ________________________

6) Include payment with your order.
We accept payment by cashier checks, money orders, 
personal checks, business checks, Visa and Mastercard.
Make checks payable to Bluegrass Promotions. 

Enter the total amount of your order here:  $ _______

Mail to:  
Bluegrass Promotions 
135 Lane 201 B Lake George
Fremont, IN  46737

If your order is received on a holiday, please allow 
an additional 24 hours for service.

Lead Generator - 2421KY 11/98


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