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[MOL] Carla, blonde joke

Carla, well, I am not a blonde but I have had my card eaten so many times I
have lost count, ditto wallet. I have been better since I no longer "work".
I keep $20.00 in my wallet, one credit card and driver's license. I hate my
pic as my eyes are closed, but no luck, haven't lost my wallet this year.
However, I keep a stock of swim suits for James and keep an eye for extra
towels at rummage sales. So I got a chuckle out the joke.

PS You are always welcome here, We LOVE Americans - have to bring some
money though! If you can't pay, remember we don't use the dishwasher and we
have lots of weeds. We have an extra pair of rubber boots (it rains a lot
here) if you need them. Love, Jeanne

PPS, We have lots and lots of book stores and collectible (sp) shops!

PPPS You are serving 80 people!  I only have dishes for 8! These are close
friends! I admire your stamina. 

 At 11:49 PM 1/16/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Now it pains me to send this on.. Just as I was thinking that I was
getting a good grip on who and what I am... a friend of mine sends me this
and I do what He does.. not she!!  LOL!!
>1.    Pull up to ATM
>2.    Insert card
>3.    Enter PIN number and account
>4.    Take cash, card and receipt
>1.    Pull up to ATM
>2.    Check makeup in rearview mirror
>3.    Shut off engine
>4.    Put keys in purse
>5.    Get out of car because you're too far from machine
>6.    Hunt for card in purse
>7.    Insert card
>8.    Hunt in purse for tampon wrapper with PIN number written on it
>9.    Enter PIN number
>10.   Study instructions for at least 2 minutes.
>11.   Hit "cancel"
>12.   Reenter correct PIN number
>13.   Check balance
>14.   Look for envelope
>15.   Look in purse for pen
>16.   Make out deposit slip
>17.   Endorse checks
>18.   Make deposit
>19.   Study instructions
>20.   Make cash withdrawal
>21.   Get in car
>22.   Check makeup
>23.   Look for keys
>24.   Start car
>25.   Check makeup
>26.   Start pulling away
>27.   STOP
>28.   Back up to machine
>29.   Get out of car
>30.   Take card and receipt
>31.   Get back in car
>32.   Put card in wallet
>33.   Put receipt in checkbook
>34.   Enter deposits and withdrawals in checkbook
>35.   Clear area in purse for wallet and checkbook
>36.   Check makeup
>37.   Put car in gear, reverse
>38.   Put car in drive
>39.   Drive away from machine
>40.   Travel 3 miles
>41.   Release parking brake
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