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Re: [MOL] RE: Your Father....Chris/Chrissy!!

Hi Carla,
Thank you for your message; indeed there are alot of similarities in your
Dad's and mine's temperaments.  My Grandmother always blamed it on the war
(WWII).  My mother just loved him...and loved him...until she died, as does my
stepmother (Virginia).

Today is quite awful.  He is being so intolerable, Virginia (Va.) is still
crying.  She cried all day while I was there because of how nasty he is to her
and she feels that he hates her. He told her she ruined his life (entirely
untrue); if not for her I would've lost him years ago.  Yes, she aggravates
him with stupid things (like telling people on the phone that he can't hold
his urine now) but he doesn't say anything and goes on a slow burn, then blows
up over the wrong things.  He was very nasty to me too, but quite sweet and
polite to the medical personal (at the cat scan) as usual.

Va. said she had to drive him back to redo the scan after I left (she is
having trouble walking herself) and now he has bloody urine!!!!  He denies
even that -- good thing he gets examined by the Dr tomorrow.  I always leave
there wondering if my presence did more harm than good.  It's such a no-win

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