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That's cute.  Did Leann and Ryan get the day off school for MLK? 
Andy's home today, I think they should have gone since they have
missed 3 snow days and had several day's on delay.  How many day's
has Ryan missed for snow?  I'm sick of it, I liked it the first day, however
I'm over it, I hope we don't get another flake this year.  

I went to the doctor on Friday, I only have 10 more weeks, doesn't time
fly, I was on my way to work today, (the hormones are raging) and I
started crying thinking that nine years ago at this time I was pregnant
with Andy, it just isn't fair that they have to grow up so fast.  I feel like I
love Andy more with each passing day, however I would have loved to
keep him a baby just a little longer, there just so grown up now.
Well enough of that, I'm about to start crying again.

I'll be calling you soon to help me with my taxes, same rule as always, I
need at least $1000.00, more would be great, less would be terrible.

Talk to you soon.
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