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Re: [MOL] if he doesn't get impeached

Hi Kathy,
Thanks, and wouldn't you just love to have all the energy that our little ones
have. LOL.  I think wheh they sleep, they are building tons of it.  As long as
it is his toys on the floor that's all he will chew and play, and leave
everything else alone.  The only place he plays is in the living room, and my
Mothers room when we're gone.  But you leave something else on the living room
floor, it's fair game as far as he sees it, cause he'll destroy it.  He's the
only puppy that doesn't chew on shoes and slippers, he leaves them alone.  Got
to go, have company coming up the drive.
Love you,

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<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] if he doesn't get impeached
 Date:	1/16/99 11:20:24 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (jerry corrigan)
 Hello, Nanc:  You're right, of course.  Politics is a very touchy subject,
 and we probably shouldn't get into it.  I don't, however, get offended if
 someone doesn't agree with me, and I know you don't, either.  I just get
 confused and tired of the whole thing!! LOL  I'm not listening to the trial,
 and to be honest, I don't think I care much anymore -- one way or the other.
 Now, on to more pleasant topics.  How do you feel?  Is your eye still giving
 you fits?  Does your weather still suck eggs?  Button Michelle is being a
 good girl for a few minutes here -- this is VERY RARE!!!  LOL  Norman and
 Guido are pooped -- she's been running them ragged all morning.  I'm going
 for another cup of coffee, and then I'm going into the genealogy sites
 again.  I feel like Sherlock Holmes!!!  Take care, Nanc.  Love, Kathy
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 Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 5:20 PM
 Subject: Re: [MOL] if he doesn't get impeached
 >Hi PJ,
 >Sorry if I offended you about this Clinton stuff, when I posted to you I
 >reading my e-mail from the bottom up, I guess I better start from the top
 >work my way down,  LOL I think I could get into trouble this way.  I still
 >feel the same about that our forum is not the place to get into this type
 >discussion, if it does continue I will stay away from MOL till all the
 >mess is over with, I won't even lesson to the news, it has just gone to far
 >and waisted to much money.  I just get very worked up over it and I don't
 >think I am alone on that, and their are people here on MOL that feels
 >on both sides.  As I said I am not going there, I have said to much already
 >and probably have me butt in trouble with someone, and to them let me say I
 >Love you all,
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 > From: PSerritell@AOL.COM
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 > Hi
 > If clinton doesn't get impeached (I hope he does get) but if he doesn't
 > clinton should have to give millions to the cancer and all the societies
 > are losing because of his pants being below his knees.
 > Sorry for making this forum bothered by this clinton junk but we all lose
 > more this junk gets dragged on.  We the people should be able to impeach
 > not the senators and all the wastes in government.  Again I apologize.
 > Love
 > PJ

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