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Re: [MOL] if he doesn't get impeached

In a message dated 1/15/99 7:20:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, NLPOST@AOL.COM

> Sorry if I offended you about this Clinton stuff, when I posted to you I was
>  reading my e-mail from the bottom up, I guess I better start from the top 
> and
>  work my way down,  LOL I think I could get into trouble this way.  I still
>  feel the same about that our forum is not the place to get into this type
>  discussion, if it does continue I will stay away from MOL till all the
>  mess is over with, I won't even lesson to the news, it has just gone to far
>  and waisted to much money.  I just get very worked up over it and I don't
>  think I am alone on that, and their are people here on MOL that feels 
> strongly
>  on both sides.  As I said I am not going there, I have said to much already
>  and probably have me butt in trouble with someone, and to them let me say I
> am
>  sorry.
>  Love you all,
>  Nanc
Agree Nanc, a little light humor is fine.  Especially since even us Clinton
supporters are SICK of the whole business.
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