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[MOL] Maeve re: breast cancer study

Dear Maeve, I am a breast cancer survivor (almost 4 yrs) of an aggressive
type that has a high risk of showing up in the other breast. As a result, I
had a mastectomy in one breast, and seriously considered prophylactic
mastectomy on my healthy breast, but eventually decided against it. And I
too, have been following the news releases about prophylactic mastectomies
for women at high risk. BUT these have included some articles that find
serious fault with the study! One in particular, written by 2 (women) drs.
at U of Pennsylvania hospital, argue that while this a "personal" decision,
within a short time this is going to be viewed as a poor choice. There are
many things that skew these findings.

Maeve, just take your time and do your homework. We're all different, and
I'm sure you will get many different responses to your question. But the
thing is, science is moving slowly (as far as I'm concerned!), and there is
no easy answer, and ultimately it's a crapshoot. Check things out, and
follow your heart -- that's the best any of us can do. Blessings, friend;
you'll be in my prayers. Joicy

>To All
>Does anyone have any comments about this recent report on breast cancer
>alternatives from the Mayo Clinic?

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