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Re: [MOL] Chris -- mail problem/PJ Reply

I agree Chris.
I just tried signing on and it took 20 tries to sign on.
It's really not worth the aggravation.
I was chatting with Carla last nite and she uses AT&T.  She highly recommends
it.  As I was chatting with Carla last nite my account just closed up for no
reason.  Then this morning it wouldn't let me read mail either.  
Also my sister-in-law is going to let me know of another service that is
available at no-charge as long as you use their commercials on your emails.  I
don't know the name, it's not JUNO but someother.
I'm going to write AOL and let them know.
I pay 21.95 for this junk and it's not worth a dime of it.
Thanks for letting me vent.  Now I have one more gray hair on my head.
Hey anyway how is your dad doing?  What ever happened to him having the shots
at home.  
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