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[MOL] Squirrels in Boise,forget it

Title: RE: [MOL]summer in North Dakota.
Let me tell you something about squirrels.Last year I was in the Veterans Hospitol in Topeka,Ks.Now this was in the winter months.Those crazy squirrels crawled under my car,and up into the engine compartment.I drove the car to town to have the oil changed.When the car was driven into the bay,one of the employees opened my hood.I was watching from the quest lounge.Soon there were four people gathered in front of my car.They saw me looking at them and motioned me over."We can,t change your oil" why I asked.Well look here.And to my surprise there was this big nest with three baby squirrels in it.The mother was not there,but wires were eated away on my car.It cost me a few hundred dollars to get my car back to normal.I drove my car back to the hospitol,reached in and lifted the babys and nest out of the engine compartment and but the nest in some bushes were the car was parked before.So,Squirrels are not really one of my best friends..Frank
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Kathy, If I recall correctly Boise is also full of Squirrels. Does everyone love them?

Frank:  It gets hot in Boise during the summer, too -- Mid-nineties in July and August, just like in N.D.  However, we do not have your bug problem, thankfully!!  We do, however, have hundreds and hundreds of wild geese in the parks and on the lakes, but everyone loves them, even if they do make sort of a mess.  We have a lot of ducks, too, and the world famous Birds of Prey sanctuary is just a few miles from here.  Come to Boise in the summer and leave the bugs at home!!  Love, Kathy
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