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[MOL] Mary

Mary.. so often anymore as I read your posts, I wish that Sally was signed on to mol..  I know that Charlie's family made life extremely difficult by bringing toxic times into their house.. Sally worked so very hard to explain it to them and that didn't work.. So then she had hospice meet with the family and explain and they still didn't understand/or should I say get it...  It is their problem dealing with Angelo's cancering journey.
Mary, I saw where Lil said that Marty knows about the Oasis of Hope in Mexico and I would strongly urge you to send a SOS email direct to him now, so that he gets it as soon as he gets home..  I know that he will tell you all that he can....
When it comes to the treatment centers located in other countries, my own heart is skeptical.. but, it is not my journey..  You know my friend, you can walk a mile in my shoes.. but not in my feet, so the choices are Angelo's and yours..
We have talked before about the guidance that you get from your inner spirit and I know that both of you will search for guidance as to what to do now.  How much simpler it would be if each cancering journey came with instructions as to how we are to proceed.  You have done a beautiful job as a loving wife, mother and now are doing the same as a woman fighting for her husbands life. 
Mary, you know that each and everyone of us here prays that all will turn around for Angelo and he will be a cancering survivor for many, many years..  Time will reveal what is to be to us, but Angelo and you are living each day now.  So please accept my full hearted attempt to let you know that you are loved and cared about and in the prayers of many fellow molers..
May God fill you with the light of guidance, comfort and love...  Hugs to you Mary, Carla