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Re: [MOL] Info/Dee needs :)

Hi Dee,
What kind of Chemo is your Dad on and how often, what kind of cancer does he
have?  I never heard of the red blotches.  I know it takes a long time for
Don, he is just feeling better now and he finished treatments in Sept, he
finished Chemo the 23 of July.and chemo Sept. 24.  But every kind of cancer
and Chemo is different, and so are the patients.  I'm going back to bed now.
I think I am feeling better now, I can go longer before more pain pills.  You
take care, (((HUGS))) and keep those :-)
Love you,

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] Info/Dee needs :)
 Date:	1/10/99 10:28:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Dee Williams)
 To: (
 Hi all,
 Hope that you all had a super weekend - mine went
 by so fast that I really couldn't
 even tell you what I did... I feel much more
 rested since I slept in all weekend... It
 has been about 60 - 65 here until today 35 :(
 I would like to know if anyone can tell me
 approximately how long it takes for chemo
 to leave a person's body!!! My dad seems to still
 be experiencing some side effects
 and it has been almost four weeks since his last
 chemo (two hour treatment). He is
 getting small red splotches (almost like broken
 blood vessels) the size of pennies on
 his chest and is becoming concerned!!! Other than
 that he is feeling OK!!!!
 If anyone could help me with this info I would
 appreciate -
 I will try to write more tomorrow - I have been
 ignoring my hubby long enough, although,
 he has probably been sleeping in front of the TV
 and not even missing me  :)
 Bye for now,

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