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[MOL] Dear LeeAnne

Hi LeeAnne

Long time since I wrote you.  
I saw your post about packing up your sweet mom's belongings.
You were absolutely right about your son and your mom having a wonderful
connection.  I truly think he is so lucky to have her as his angel now.
You are such a wonderful daughter, wife and mom.  I know this is a hard time
for you but you will get thru it and when you hear a voice in your head
telling you about something you packed...guess who it is...yep it's mom
reminding you of when you saw or touched it last.  When I hear the voice it's
usually my dad.  My dad died about 15 years ago and every now and then I hear
him loud and clear.
Remember your mom lives on in you and your son.  Her spirit lives on always.
That is what I truly believe for all of us when a loved one goes with God.
My love and thoughts are with you.
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