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Re: [MOL] adenocarcinoma

Do you know if it is non small cell cancer of the lung or lungs, or small cell
cancer of the lung or lungs, you need more information to be able to look it
up.  There are a lot of people in here that can give you the sites to look it
up if you get all the information.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] adenocarcinoma
 Date:	1/10/99 7:52:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Mary O Donnell)
 Recently a relative of my was diagnosed as having adenocarcinoma of the
 I have been searching the WEB over and cannot come up with good
 definitions or details.
 Also, I would like to know something about the prognosis of this cancer.
 Can you give me some guidance ?  Thanks. >>
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