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Re: [MOL] Buttons & Tiny Mite....our Babys..

Hi Kathy,
As long as I take my nerve pills so I can relax, not being able to scrub the
house, and the Vicodin for the pain, I'm doing pretty good, the swelling is
going down and the color is turning to yellow.  I'll be OK.  We are supposed
to have blissards the next two days, so I don't know if I'll be able to make
it to the Doctor on Tuesday, I will not kill myself getting there, I do know
that.  Now!  Back to our babies, he doesn't mind Don to well, if Don tells him
lets go pottie, he looks at me as if to say do I have to?  And I just say in a
soft voice, go pottie, and if he still is standing looking at me I say get
going, and he takes off to the door where Don is waiting and goes right out.
He isn't at all spoiled though, he has three beds in the living room, one
under my computer desk.  One be each of our recliners.  One in our bedroom,
but he usually sleeps with me if I'm in the Queen bed.  He has Treat time the
same time every night and if we forget he does not, 8:30pm.  How much does
Buttons weigh now?  I'm taking a Video tape of my house, and kids that are
here in town, something like this is my life, to send to Lil, wouldn't it be
neat if we all did that and sent it from one to another MOL, then we could see
each other the way they live, like going to their house to visit, I think most
everyone has a video camera, do you?
What do you think?
Love you,

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 Date:	1/10/99 3:09:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (jerry corrigan)
 Hi, Nanc:  She's so cute it hurts to look at her!  LOL  Of course I wouldn't
 do anything to hurt her.  I'm even afraid to yell at her, she's so little.
 But oh, is she spunky!  Gives poor Normie a run for his money, and he's so
 patient with her.  He's such a noble little guy.  How you feel, honey?
 Love, Kathy

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