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Hello all, [note: Since I am writing at 3:20AM (long story), if this is
unclear do not try to adjust your monitor, simply note the source!]

Once more I am playing catch-up.  I think I only have one dangling issue,
which could sound like a strange medical problem (ewwww).  Seriously, I had
asked about Cricket, and Sandi answered my question.  Sandi I just want to say
how very lucky Cricket and her mom are to have such a loved one and advocate.
Your care and concern for her is more than admirable.  I also hope that if I
should ever be in a like situation that my extended family would rally for me
as you have for Cricket.

Take care of yourself, and know that both you and Cricket are in the thoughts
and prayers of many wonderful prayers!

Well, we still have not gotten all of the stuff out of Mom's place. She had
told me herself that I was in for a major ordeal, and that she felt sorry for
me having to go through ALL her stuff.  A friend suggested today that I may
want to have someone go in and pack it all up and then I can go through it
little by little, I don't know.  Today (yesterday, 1-9) was Ryan's (my son)
birthday and Mom had gifts put back for him. I made it through wrapping them
and him opening them, but when he told me he just did not know how "Oma" knew
what he wanted without him telling her, I lost it.  She and he had such a
connection, she knew him in some ways better than we do.  Anyway, I need to
get all this taken care of, I just don't know what would be faster.  (I think
I said before that my husband told me weeks ago that if I would cry over every
other item instead of each one, we could get done in 3 and a half years
instead of 7--at least I laughed.)  I need to go and get some sleep, and I
think the computer wants some too, I keep losing my connection.    

Love to all,
Lee Anne
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