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[MOL] Shona/Sandi

Hi Sandi,

I am sorry if I made it sound bad, I never took your words wrong, its just that I love Greg so much that I really do feel the lucky one  :)  he is the best!

It makes me mad when people say they love someone and then hurt them.  What happened to Cricket is just awful and I sure hope your mom is right, the sad thing is she probably would have done everything for him if it was the other way around.  I really hope she is ok.

Take care...Shona

> Shona,
                 > Thanks for the answers.  That is so young to be suffering the way he
                 has.  I
                 > know what you mean about being the lucky one.  My words were not
                 > right.  Because I too have people tell me how nice it is of me to have
                 > the children and how lucky they are.  I  feel the opposite, that i am
                 > lucky one to have them in my life.  When you love someone so much, it
                 > without saying that you will be there for them.  Let me say that you and
                 > are both lucky to have each other to love.
                 > Cricket trys to act like it is not hurting her but I know her too well. 
                 > have Donnie walk off when she got so sick was a slap in the face.  I can
                 > understand how the man can spend 5 years with her and be able to do what
                 > did to her.  As my mother always said, what goes around comes arounf two
                 > I wouldn't want to be in his shoes that day!
                 > Hope Greg is doing better.  Send him my love and hugs. 
                 > Sandi

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