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Re: [MOL] Shona/Sandi

Thanks for the answers.  That is so young to be suffering the way he has.  I
know what you mean about being the lucky one.  My words were not exactly
right.  Because I too have people tell me how nice it is of me to have adopted
the children and how lucky they are.  I  feel the opposite, that i am the
lucky one to have them in my life.  When you love someone so much, it goes
without saying that you will be there for them.  Let me say that you and Greg
are both lucky to have each other to love.

Cricket trys to act like it is not hurting her but I know her too well.  To
have Donnie walk off when she got so sick was a slap in the face.  I can not
understand how the man can spend 5 years with her and be able to do what he
did to her.  As my mother always said, what goes around comes arounf two fold.
I wouldn't want to be in his shoes that day!

Hope Greg is doing better.  Send him my love and hugs. 

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