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Re: [MOL] Kim


Her doctor thinks its best to finish the breast cancer treatment first -- one
more round of chem today and one at the end of the month and then radiation.
After that he wants to try freezing the tumors in her liver.  I'm just
concerned that the chemo and radiation will weaken her body and allow the
cancer in her liver to grow faster.  Her doctors keep telling her that the
liver in her cancer is moving very slow and has probably been there for some
time.   I wanted her to see another doctor to get a second opinion about her
treatment options but she is very happy with her doctor.  I'm not so sure
about him.  So, I am trying to become as informed as possible about the
alternatives.  There is a lot of information out there about cancer in
general.  But not much for people in her situation.  I've read a little bit
about alternative nutrional therapy.  I was hoping that some of  the MOLERS
might have tried Macroboitics and be able to share their experience with me.  

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