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[MOL] Carla

Carla, a journal... you don't keep one? You write so beautifully. Did I get
this right? What kind of journal do you mean? I keep two now, one for
everday and one private (pass protected with a Cree password) No one can
peek in, even a techie. hehhehheh, Jeanne

At 01:34 AM 1/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
>One of the things that I would love to have is a journal in which to write
all of my thoughts, realities and daydreams in..   For as you have shared..
it is in these dreams that a vital part of us lives..  One day when it is
safe to lay my thoughts into writing again, I will...  Until then it sounds
very nice to have a daydream..
>I think were I to daydream, I would be back in the mountains where I first
met Lil last year..  I still can see the beauty of the mountains and smell
the freshness of the air.. In the distance I hear water running over the
rocks and falling into a pool...  The sun is so bright, but my eyes are
shaded by wonderful tall trees...  There is a feeling, that I can't explain
in these mountains of being centered and one with my own spirit and God..
It was a very special place and a very special time and I must be a very
special gal.. that I was able to experience it and have it for such a
wonderful daydream today..
>Much love to all and May God Bless you.  Carla
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