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[MOL] June (acupuncture)

Hi June

I have been taking acupuncture for about 15 years now and this was the 1st
time it has ever hurt for me.
Some acupuncturists don't spin the needle as much as this guy did.  He said
that my channels were blocked and I needed alot of work.  
He wants to see me tomorrow but I dont' think I will go.  He really did hurt
me.  I have never had this kind of reaction before.
My regular acupuncturist is on vacation and he won't be back from Asia for a

I also called my stinking primary doc.  Remember the guy who I have been
trying to get a physical from since OCtober-November.  Well I just called his
stupid office and they said the same old bull "he can't prescribe you
medication until he sees you", I said fine see me.  Sorry he is so booked he
can't see anyone until maybe 2 weeks. What a joke.  I'm going to see how I
feel tomorrow and then i will go to the emergency room and get treated there.
That is what I did 3 years ago with the sciactica problem I had.  They too
kept me there for 3 days full of drugs until the pain subsided.  I couldn't
walk or do anything before I was put in the hospital. This pain I have now is
not sciactica it's way different.  You see I tried picking up my 90 year old
uncle on christmas day because my aunt wanted him to sit at the table for
christmas (he was in a hopsital bed for 9 months).  I was the only young
person to do it.  My husband and I grabbed him and he just was so dead weight
I couldn't hold him and we fell on the bed together.  Thank God my uncle
didn't get hurt.  I sprained my thumb and now my back is slowly starting to
creep into pain.  I just pray I didn't do anything to my disks or spine.
My sister-in-law just emailed me and said to buy cystals for the bath tub and
see if they work.  I'll try anything at this point.  I'm constantly laying on
the floor and screaming in pain.  Taking a shower even hurts my back.  I just
feel horrible.  sorry to make everyone feel so depressed with this.  My aunt
feels so responsible for this but I told her that I didn't expect my uncle to
be so heavy and not being able to pick him up really upset me alot.  I know
she wanted him to spend the holiday at the table with all of us.  
I sure hope you and I get to have that lunch soon.  I'm going to order a
double martini with a twist. ha ha ha ha ha ha haha
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