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Re: [MOL] Shona/Christine

Hi Kathy,

I passed along your message when I talked to Greg today.  I always tell Greg
he can do it and I believe in my heart he can too.  I was actually talking to
a really nice person today in a cancer support chat room who has been in
remission for the last two years from stage IV NHL.  She was really great and
helped show me that there is hope for Greg.  Her family had her take
alternative meds as well as chemo and she believes this has helped.  She is
going to get her brother to send me a copy of everything they did for her and
Greg is going to see what he can do :)  I feel so happy right now and hope
that maybe God has answered my prayers for allowing me to meet her and felt I
needed to share this with someone.  

Thanks for all your prayers and for caring.  take care...Shona
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